Manufacturer’s List


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Agilent Technologies All types of electronics test equipment related to the manufacturing & electronic industry, power supplies, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, calibration equipment.
A.H. Systems, inc. Manufacturer of antennas for EMI/EMC testing.
Alicat Scientific Manufacturer of flow and pressure control and measurement instrumentation for liquids and gasses.
Ameritec Communications test equipment
Amplifier Research Instruments for RF testing ar—
Analog Devices Accelerometers, motor controls
Analogic Test & measurements systems, digital imaging systems, data acquisition systems, process monitoring systems, power test systems
Anaren Amplifiers, hybrid couplers, base station receivers, wireless antennas, power dividers, modulators, mixers, attenuators
Ando VLSI/LSI test systems, auto handlers, communictions equipment
Andy Hish
Anritsu Testing & measurement equipment, rf microwave, wireless data communications, telecom systems, industrial automation systems
Anzac Dot matrix & computer output microfilm printers
Arra Coaxial & wave guide devices
Avantek Servo systems, system controls, telecommunications
Avcom Servers & work stations


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Bausch & Lomb Microscopes, spectrophotometers
Baytron Printed circuit board repair
Beckman Provider of instrument systems and complementary products that simplify and automate laboratory processes
Behlman-Invar AC, DC, HV power supplies, frequency converters, inverters, & UPS’s
Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation The widest line of NIM, optical, high voltage and fast risetime pulsers since 1963.
Bird Watt meters, attenuators, loads, switches, couplers, dividers, portable antenna testers
Blackstone Scale Systems Specialize in custom weighing systems (process control, pharmaceutical, bar-coding, label printers, inventory management, truck management, check weighing, drum fillers, counting, etc. ).
Blue M Thermal solutions
BMI/Basic Measuring Instruments Measuring instruments
Boonton RF power meters, volt meters, CW power sensors, peak power meters & sensors, modulation analyzers, audio analyzer, capacitance & RF calibrators, VXI power & modulation meters
Bruel-Kjaer Acoustic & vibration transducers, power supplies, sound intensity probes, traditional microphones, signal conditioners, calibration equipment & systems, noise meters, analyzers, portable noise monitoring, data acquisition, telecom/audiometry
Brush Industries Manufacturer of magnetic recording heads and assemblies
Buehler Cutters, precision saws, mounting presses, grinders/polishers, image analysis & hardness testers,
BWD Instruments Test and measurement instrumentation and software


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California Instruments Design and manufacture of precision instrumentation products
Cambridge Scientific Reconditioned laboratory and medical equipment
Canberra Provider of analytical instruments and systems used to detect, identify, quantify and monitor radioactive materials
Cetec Ivie
Chatillion Hanging scales
Colby A producer of custom, precision- machined components; screw machined parts, and complete assemblies for a diversity of industries
Collins Radio communications equipment, GPS equipment, avionics equipment
Condor Engineering Manufacturer of ARINC 429, AFDX, MIL-STD-1553 and EBR-1553/MMSI avionics databus interface hardware and software.
Contraves Goetz
CT Systems Software products designed for computer telephony testing
CXR Telecom Halcyon test & measurement equipment, network transmission test equipment, test sets


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Dana Independent suppliers to vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket
Data Device Corp/ILC Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products and subsystems. DDC has cards, components, and software to fit all your MIL-STD-1553, arinc 429, motion feedback technologies, motor drive and SSPC/’RPC requirements ddc—
Data I/O Engineering programming systems, automated manufacturing systems
Data Precision
Datapulse Advanced computer telephony integration solutions
Datel DC/DC converters, digital panel meters, data acquisition boards, sampling A/D converters
Datum Distribution systems, universal time displays, auxiliary output generators
DB Products Digital to analog converters
Delta Design Semiconductor test handling equipment, pick & place, chambers
Demornay Bonardi Wave guide & microwave equipment
Despatch Processing ovens, depyrogeneation/sterilization equipment, electronic burn in, environmental chambers, environmental stress screening equipment, solution heat treatment, lab ovens
Digilog Digital networking & access monitoring equipment
Dix Hills
Dolan-Jenner Fiber optic & illumination equipment dolan—
Doric Data loggers, bench thermometers, hand held meters, calibrator/simulators, digital panel indicators doric—
Dranetz System power quality instruments, hand held system power quality instruments


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Eaton Semiconductor equipment, environmental testing equipment, lab equipment
EG&G Data acquisition, cable analyzers, gps navigation equipment, imaging systems, instrumentation systems, magnetic field sensors, velocity & detonation recorder
E-H Research Pulse generator
EIP Microwave Microwave test equipment, pulse frequency counters
Eldorado A high technology machining facility
Electro Impulse Manufacturers of Gem custom and standard dlosed loopcooling systems, fluid transfer equipment, high purity liquid coolers, rf dummy loads, rf clorimeters and related products
Electro Metrics EMI/EMC, antennas, RF communications, data communications electro—
Electronic Development Specialists in electromagnetic interference filter design, consulting, EMC, and EMI filters
Elgar Programmable AC & DC power supplies
Empire Devices
Endevco Piezoelectric & piezoresitive accelerometers, pressure transducers, signal conditioners, amplifiers, & low noise cable for vibration equipment
ENI/Electronic Navigation ENI is a leading worldwide manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) and direct current (DC) high power conversion systems as well as impedance matching networks and RF impedance analyzers
Epro Waterproofing systems
Epsco Complete line of power supplies and plating machines designed for benchtop and laboratory uses
EXFO Manufacturer of electronic equipment


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F.W. Bell Gauss meters, measurement meters, current & hall sensors
Factron See Schlumberger
Fairchild Aerospace, fastners, optical equipment
Fluke Test & measurement equipment, cable testers, digital multimeters, electrical testers, process calibrators, calibration equipment
Foxboro Automation equipment
Fujikura Fiber optic equipment


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Gamma Scientific Photometric, radiometric, spectrodiametric measurement systems gamma—
General Electric All types of electronics
General Radio Manufacturer of test equipment for all phases of electronics
Genisco Aircraft data processing equipment
Giga-Tronics RF & microwave frequency synthesizers, satellite & telecommunications equipment
Gilbert Engineering Coaxial connectors, cable tv broadband communications equipment
Glassman High Voltage High voltage power supplies
Grandville Phillips
Greive Ovens, furnaces
Guildline Industries High precision instruments for metrology & oceanography
Gulton Industries Pressure & position instruments


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H. Tinsley Slipping cable reeling & A2B systems
Halcyon Test products provide all the critical test functions in one user-friendly package
Hard Engineering
Headway Research Spinners, developers, coaters, cleaners, pumps, controllers
Hekimian Labs Automated test systems for telecommunications networks
Helper Instruments RF and audio test equipment helper—
Hewlett Packard Oscilloscopes, meters, analyzers, power supplies, calibration systems,
Hipotronics Automatic test sets, digital part ions discharge detectors, cable fault locators, hv power supplies
Hirose Electric Co. Ltd. Connectors for electronic equipment
Honeywell Aviation, test systems
Houston Instruments Plotters
Hughes Aircraft System for scientific applications
Huntron Trackers, instruments for mfg defect detections systems
Hybond Die bonders, wire bonders, measurement equipment for semiconductor mfg.


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Idacom Testing equipment seeHewlettPackard
IET labs Calibration, metrology, test & measurement equipment
IFI/Instruments For Industry RF power amplifiers, tem cells, e-field probes, e-field generating antennas, automated emc testing software.
IFR/Instrument Flight Research Microwave test sets, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, power meters, modulation meters
ILX Lightwave Electro optical test & measurement equipment
IMCS Helps manufacturers create and validate CNC programs by providing CAD/CAM systems
Instron Hardness testers, durometers, furnaces, chambers, universal test systems
Interface Technology Design and manufacture of VXI digital test subsystems
Interstate Electronics GPS Receivers & products
IRD Manufacturers and original patent holders of environmentally friendly products
Ithaco Sensors & actuators
Iwatsu Electronics Telephone communications equipment


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JDS Optics
Jennings Radio
JFW Industries Attenuators, RF switches, test systems, telecommunications equipment, OEM test equipment
Julie Research Labs


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Keithley Digital voltmeters, data acquisition, test instruments, semiconductors test systems
Kepco Makes electronic power supplies
Keytek EMI, RF products, test standards
Kikusui Oscilloscopes, general test equipment
Krohn-Hite Filter modules, wideband power amplifiers, calibrators, precision thermometers, source standards, distortion analyzers, precision phase meters krohn—
Kruse-Storke Microwave sources and frequency converters, for use in both military and commercial satellite and wireless communications applications
Krytar Microwave components & test equipment
Kustom Instruments


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L&N /Leeds & Northrop
Lake Shore Cryotronics Gauss meters, VSM, controllers, sensor & diode products
Lambda Electronics Power supplies for industry
Lampkin Labs
Laser Precision Prototype parts, production runs of any size, stainless and carbon processing, aluminum processing, multiple bend parts, automotive parts
Leader Oscilloscopes, frequency counters, rf signal level meters, programmable RGB video generators, power supplies, function/RF generators, RF signal level meters, display modules, audio products
Leco Analytical instrumentation
Lecroy Oscilloscopes, probes, differential amplifiers
Lepel High Frequency Lab Induction heaters
L-H Research
Ling Dynamic Vibration test systems, shakers, power amplifiers, controllers lds—
Logimetrics Computer hardware and software technology
Loral Satellite & broadband data systems


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Macom/Omni Spectra Attenuators, RF microwave, amplifiers, connectors, switches
Magnaflux Supplier of magnetic particle, resonant, and dye penetrant inspection equipment and associated chemical products used for nondestructive testing
Magtrol Dynamometers, power analyzers, electric motor controllers
Marconi Instruments Radio electronic equipment
Markem Semiconductor marking machines
Maury Microwave Wave guide, coaxial devices, EW/ECM systems, noise measurement & calibration equipment, transistor measurement fixtures.
MB Electronics Manufacturers and designers of low power radio products and on site paging systems for use in the medical, security and industrial markets
MECA Electronics Designing and manufacturing of Signal control products like power dividers, directional coupler, attenuators, terminations, rf isolators and circulators.
Mech-El Industries Semiconductor assembly equipment
Mega Test
Melles Griot Laser & optical equipment
Mensor Precision pressure-measurement & control instruments, digital gages, digial barometers
Merrimac Industries Inc. Merrimac Industries Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of RF Microwave components, assemblies and Micro-Multifunction Modules
Microlab/FXR Passive components for wireless infrastructure, laboratory and high power systems
Micromanipulator Probing stations, auto handlers, motorized manipulators
Microwave Associates Developer and manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) and microwave semiconductors, components and IP Networks to the wireless telecommunications and defense-related industries
Microwave Cavity Labs
Mini Circuits Lab RF, IF and microwave products
Minolta Radiometer instruments, optical systems
Mircowave Power Devices Power amplifiers
MKS Instruments Vacuum & gas instruments for industrial use.
Motorola GPS, & cellular test equipment
Mountz Solutions to both common and uncommon torque applications
Multi Amp Electrical test equipment & measuring instruments products


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National Instruments
National Research
Neslab Baths, recirculating chillers, immersion probe coolers
Newport Electronics Signal conditioners, transmitters, controllers and meters
NH Research Power supply test systems ups test systems AC & DC electronic loads
Nikon Industrial microscopes, measuring instruments, biomedical microscopes, medical image information system, ophthalmic instruments, infrared cameras, opto-electronic devices and components, naturescope (fieldmicroscope) and loupe, surveying instruments
Noise Com
North Atlantic
Northern Telecom


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Olympus Development and application of sophisticated optical technology


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PAR/Princeton Applied Research Electrochemical technology par—
Philco Ford
Phoenix Microsystems
Photo Research Manufacturing precision instruments that measure light and color
Photodyne Automated macro photography systems for medicine, science, and industry film, high-resolution digital
Photon Kinetics
Pind Testers
Plasma Equipment Technical Services, Inc. Plasma Equipment Technical Services, Inc. (PETS Inc.) is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and manufactures Front End Semiconductor Processing Equipment for use in Industry for research, development and production as well as for Colleges and Universities for research and education. PETS Inc. has a complete line of Table Top and Floor Model Systems.
Power Ten
Precision Filter Instrumentation for test measurements
Processing Telecom Technologies
Products For Research Housings for photomultipliers and optoelectronic devices
Purely Security Pty Ltd Super pinhole wireless spy cameras perfect to watch over your house, children and property, also private investigators favourite.


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Q-Corp Lead-trimming machines
Quantech Labs
Quantum Data


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Radio Frequency Labs
Ransco Building environment simulation systems & specialty refrigeration
RF Power Labs
RFL Industries
Rhodes & Schwartz
Rucker & Knolls
Ruska Manufacturer of precision laboratory instrumentation


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Sage Instruments
Sage Laboratories
Sanders Associates
Saraswati Dynamics Pvt Ltd Saraswati Dynamics’ wide range of vibration systems are designed to meet today’s challenging applications by providing all the performance and capability demanded by design and development, product qualification, stress screening and most importantly reliability
Schleuniger Precision wire processing solutions
Scientific Atlanta Broadband electronics
Scientific Test Optional ( voltage/current, forcing/measurement ) subsystems, device fixture options, PC-based off-line test program management software, PC-based off-line test data statistics software, multiplexing subsystems, handler interface hardware/software, IEEE-488/RS232cI/O options for external test instrumentation
Sencore Manufacturer of electronic test equipment
Seven Associates New products for the electronics industry
Siecor Cabling products and services
Signatone Analytical probing equipment for the semiconductor industry
Singer Instruments Micromanipulators, microscopes and dissecting ‘scopes and glass fibre-optic needles for ascus dissection in tetrad analysis in yeast genetics. Microdissectors for use with stereo microscopes for Xenopus oocyte and embryo injection, and diode whiskering. Special high precision products and tools for micro-handling and production. Design and development of high-precision tools and instruments. Consultancy on high-precision production and assembly.
Sloan Instruments Profilometers
Solitron Microwave
Sorensen Power Supplies
Sound Technology
Spectral Dynamics Supplier of systems and software for vibration testing, structural dynamics, and acoustic analysis
Spectrum Dynamics
Sperry Microwave
SRI Technologies Application development, outsourcing, and integration services firm sri—
SSR Instruments
Staco Voltage control and voltage regulation products
Stag Microsystems
Stanford Research Systems Designs and manufactures high performance test and measurement, signal recovery, and gas analysis instruments
Struther RF Meters
Sumitomo Electric
Sunrise Telecom Portable test equipment
Superior Electric
Systron-Donner Supplier of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology inertial sensors and subsystems throughout the aerospace, automotive and industrial markets


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T-Com Telecommunications instrumentation
Teac Data storage, audio, communications recorders, magnetic and optical recording equipment, airborne video technology
Tele-Path Industries/TPI
Teleprocessing Products CSU/DSUs, multiplexers, ISDN equipment
Temptronic Localized thermal inducing systems
Tencor Instruments
Tenney Engineerings Ovens, chambers
Titan, Inc. Design and build functional test equipment specializing in vehicle cabs and related electrical/electronic sub-assemblies, hydraulic components, and complete vehicle test applications.
TM Vacuum
Todd Products Power supplies for medical, communications and industrial electronic OEMs
Topaz Line Conditioners
TPI/Tele-Path Industries
Transistor Devices Power solutions from individual power supplies to system level cabinets with installed power for cellular communications, networking, internetworking, data storage and rugged mobile equipmen
Transmation Calibration, test, and measurement & control instruments
Trig-Tek Signal conditioning, portable instrumentation, airborne instrumentation, analyzers and balancing vibration control systems, vibration monitors, vibration protectors, tracking instrumentation, ratio instrumentation, filtering instrumentation, miscellaneous instruments
Trio Tech Equipment and systems used in the manufacture and testing of semiconductors
TTC/Telecommunications Techniques
Twin City Testing Engineering and testing services


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Unholtz-Dickie Vibration test systems, including electrodynamic shakers systems, shock and vibration controllers, slip table assemblies, long stroke thrusters, head expanders, power amplifiers, transducer calibration systems, accelerometers and instrumentation
United Detector Technology Human movement tracking
UPA Technology
Uvocs Ozone cleaning systems


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Vaisala Instrumentation for relative humidity, dewpoint, CO2, barometric pressure, meteorological measurement co2—
Valhalla Scientific Precision electronic measurement and calibration instrumentation
Varian Associates
Venator Systems
Verteq Process and equipment technology for wafer cleaning applications within the semiconductor industry
Victoreen Quality assurance measurement equipment for radiation therapy, diagnostic X-ray and radiation safety surveys
Video Tek Electronics restoration & recovery service. Fire-water-smoke & power surges
Vishay Measurements Group Strain measurements technology
Voyager Technologies
VWR Scientific


Company Description Web
Walker Scientific Product line designed to support the discipline of magnetics
Wallace & Tiernan Chemical-feed and disinfection
Wandel& Goltermann Communications test solutions
Watanabe Instruments
Watkins-Johnson Radio frequency communications products for communications networks
Wavetek Communications test solutions
Wayne Kerr Labs
WEB Technologies
Weinschel Engineering
West Bond
Westek Electronics Westek is an industry-leading Mfr. in high speed reliable Test and Patch cords for Central Office, Outside Plant and Data applications. Capable of all phases of Copper, Coax, Fiber and DSL for supporting systems T1, T3, DS1 and DS3. All accomodating to the telcom’s deployment of OC-48, FLM’s, Titan Systems and other data applications.
Western Graphtec Plotters and portable recording products
Westinghouse Serving the needs of utility, government and industrial customers in power-related industries

X, Y, & Z

Company Description Web
XMA Corporation Fixed Attenuators, Terminations, DC Blocks, Filters, Power Dividers, Directional Couplers
Zeiss Optical, scientific and industrial instruments
Zygo Systems Measurement and automation products